15 Day Challenge Kit

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Variation: Tropical Punch Edition
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15-Day Challenge Kit!

The 15-Day Challenge Kit is designed to help improve your gut health, energy levels, and mood. The kit includes NRG, Flavored Iaso Instant Tea, and Nutraburst.

The 15-Day Challenge Kit consists of:

  • Nutraburst - Start your day with a splash of NutraBurst®, a delicious liquid multivitamin that packs your daily vitamin regimen into a single tablespoon! With just one taste, you'll see why we call NutraBurst® “liquid gold!”
  • NRG - Plug into your potential and take charge of your day with NRG! Take one capsule with 8 or more fl. oz. of water once per day to electrify your mind and aid your weight-management program!
  • Tropical Punch Iaso Instant Tea - Take a trip to paradise with Tropical Punch Iaso® Instant Tea, a delicious escape formulated to support your gut, aid your digestion, and advance your weight-management goals. With a burst of fruity flavor, this instant tea offers a refreshing and relaxing cleanse that will have you living on island time.


  • Watermelon Iaso Instant Tea  - Enjoy a taste of summer with this juicy flavor of our world-renowned Iaso® Instant Tea! Convenient to carry and easy to make, this gentle cleansing tea intends to aid your weight-management goals. Plus, the sweet watermelon flavor makes this tea the perfect refresher for a relaxing day under the sun!

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