Mustard and Its Overall Health Benefits
Mustard, besides being a well known condiment has more health benefits to offer than we know. The mustard sauce is made from its yellowish seeds. Little did we know that the plant’s green leaves have been used by some cultures for food and health purposes.


  • antiseptic and disinfectant to heal wounds
  • diuretic to support kidney function
  • detoxifying agent to purify and strengthen the blood
  • treatment for cough and sore throats
  • lower risk factors of diabetes
  • Lower Risk of Chronic Disease
  • Support Good Heart Function
  • Better Bones
  • Eye Health
  • Brain Function
  • Nutrition

Mustard Greens is also great for a stir fry recipe. 

You can check out my 20 minutes Chicken Stir Fry Recipe here where you can incorporate generous amounts of mustard greens to experience its many health benefits. 


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