8 Week Challenge Kit

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Our New 8-Week Challenge Kit!

The Challenge Kit is a great way to jumpstart your healthy eating and fitness journey. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including a fabric resistance band, portion control container, food scale, and an 8-week makeover guide.

Challenge Kit consists of:

  • Fabric Resistance Bands - perfect for getting a workout in at home or on the go. The band can be used for various exercises, like resistance training or stretching.
  • Portion control container - measure your food and make sure you're not overeating.
  • Food Scale - a great tool to ensure you're eating the right amount of food.
  • 8-Week Makeover Guide - a great resource for anyone looking to make healthy changes to their diet and exercise routine. The guide provides tips and advice on how to make healthy changes to your diet and exercise routine.

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